The hackers are trying to get into the system primarily

6 he is assessed by (the Correctional Service of Canada) as a positive source of support. Parole board did note the progress that Ellard has made in recent years in jail quitting her drug habit, improving her education and working in the prison library.Ellard and Dorozan got to know each other as pen pals, writing for more than a year before being allowed to have a private family visit.The Correctional Service of Canada refused to comment on Ellard or her pregnancy.Privacy Act prevents us from discussing the specifics of an offender case, Correctional communications adviser Audrey Jacques said.But, speaking generally, she said all federal inmates are eligible for private family visits if they and their visitors meet certain criteria.The visits take place in a separate building within the confines of a prison complex and can occur every two months for up to 72 hours at a time. Teen killer Kelly Ellard seeks day parole 19 years after Reena Virk murderReena Virk convicted murderer, Kelly Ellard, denied day paroleReena Virk murder: Nearly two decades ago, Greater Victoria lost its innocenceNo one is commenting on what will happen to the baby once it born given both parents are in prison.Ellard mother, Susan Pakos, refused to comment when contacted by Postmedia News.have no comment on that whole subject and I would appreciate it if no one ever contacted me or my family again, Pakos said.

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