Digital Bus – Episode Zero


  • Steve Braunius– Director of Instructional Technology for Zeeland Public Schools introduction. (0:45)
  • Tony DiLaura– Instructional Technology Coach ZPS (1:13)

Purpose of the Digital School Bus podcast series (1:50)

  • Share the ZPS story
  • Where does technology fit in learning
  • In what ways is technology transforming the learning environment

Who will benefit from listening to this series? (3:40)

  • Private, public, homeschool educators and learners
  • Anyone who is wondering how technology is changing the landscape of education
  • Anyone who wants to learn through the use of technology

In the Beginning… the start of the ZPS story (6:40)

  • Exploring personal technologies at ZPS- the Palm Pilot pilot.
  • Forming of the Technology Planning and Implementation Team (TPIT).
  • The work of the TPIT team, the questions we asked, the devices we researched.

Laying the foundation- What were the critical pieces to this initiative? (11:55)

Teaching in a 1:1 iPad world (21: 45)

  • Mistakes we make while integrating technology
  • Changes the role of the teacher- working in community
  • District opens up position for stronger 1:1 coaching for teachers

What’s coming up in future episodes (25:00)

  • Sharing more in depth the P’s of a successful 1:1 initiative
  • Our next part of our journey- what are our goals?
  • How are we using this access well to support kids and innovate education?
  •  To what instructional strategies does technology lend itself?
  • What does a classroom look like now?
  • Is this really working? Where is technology making a difference?

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