Digital Bus – Episode 2 – Presentation Technologies

  • Intro & Recap of last week- Paths
  • This week- Covering the Presentation Tools
    • Presenting content is important to both teaching and learning
    • Outfitting the classroom
  • Steve reminisces about his teaching days. coque iphone pas cher – oh Steve….
    • Todays tools are vastly different than they were back then
    • Transitioning teachers to new tools is a difficult but necessary task.
  • Process of decision making for the “presentation tools”
    • Began a few years back with a “Go Cart” – tablet pc, speakers, vcr, clickers, all on one cart. Big and bulky…but that’s not the point… the point is learning.
    • Teacher response= “not what I want”
    • It’s not about the piece of technology but rather what you do with the technology to enhance and transform the learning experience.
    • Teachers began to fall in love with the data projector. It got messy. But it was an indicator that this is the direction we needed to go in.
    • Focus of the presentation technology tools = anyone can be the teacher!
  • Technologies at different levels:
    • K-2 rooms got Smartboards in the classroom- placed at a level that is good for kids to interact with.
    • Grades 3-5, did not see need for Smartboard. produits coque iphone Rather 1:1 technologies, although we did not know what the tool would be at this time.
    • All new tech carts got document cameras, 4 large audio speakers mounted in the ceiling and wired to cart. Extra VGA cables for laptop hook up and audio cable.
  • Getting into the tools that were put into the hands of students. Coque huawei Putting the iPad into the hand of students allows each student to receive content and present content
  • How is this changing the learning environment? In Zeeland, we are aiming to keep what is best for kids at the front of this search.
  • What’s coming down the road? Apps?
    • Interactive content- Ask3, streaming content and interact collaboratively.
    • Interactive presentation space.
  • Presentation stories-

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