Flowing photos

blue-printsTechnology is a valuable tool in our everyday workflow. coque imprimé huawei As our learning environment shifts to support digital content our students have an advantage to function in a digital world. coque huawei pas cher For example, in a recent meeting the architect rolled out a large paper drawing of Cityside Middle School. produits coque huawei In typical fashion, we marked changes on the blueprints using a red pen. After the meeting I took photos of the blueprints using my iPhone. Later in the day I had another meeting with different people where we needed to review those items. The iPad ended up being a great way to do that so I needed to move my photos from the iPhone to the iPad. coque iphone X The iPhone happens to be my personal phone that I do not sync with any computers in district. So, I set up a shared photo stream on the iPhone. Doing this allows you to share photos with others real-time. You can set up a photo stream by: phone-photostream

  • going to my photos, tapping “edit”, and then tapping on the photos to share.
  • Tap the “share” button and select “photo stream”.
  • Set up a new shared photo stream and enter the email addresses of people to whom you want to share the photos. In my case, I shared the photos with my ZPS email address which made the photos immediately show up on my iPad in the photos app.

Off to the next meeting I went with iPad in hand. Coque iPhone 6S We reviewed the marked up prints on my iPad and made notes about any changes or corrections which I was later able to note by opening the files and adding arrows and text to show the changes. I could then email these to the architect by the end of the day. Could I have taken the photos with the iPad? Yes, but they would not have been the same quality since the camera resolution on the iPad 2 is not very high for the detail that I needed to capture on these prints. Could this be done without photo stream? Absolutely, take a look at Dropbox, Google Drive, or even use email.

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