84, beating out Tom Shields, who finished in second place

Our exome sequence panel included Bos indicus breeds that are also short coated and heat tolerant (Brahman and Nelore). Although the short coat of indicus cattle is not reported as a segregating trait, it is conceivable that Senepol coat type was derived from this species, given the recent proposal that Senepol contains minor proportions of indicus ancestry16. As an alternative analysis, we pooled Senepol, Nelore and Brahman animals, and filtered to all nonreference variants that were shared by these breeds, but were absent in all others.Histological and molecular characteristics of hairy and slick cattleHistological analyses of ear tissue biopsies were conducted using 12 wild type, 11 PRL mutant and three PRLR mutant animals to further investigate the cutaneous phenotypes of hairy and slick cattle.

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