“It was the first show which broke linguistic barriers and

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Hermes Replica Bags Says playing a submissive mother was the role of a “lifetime”. But it wasn’t easy: a young, middle class woman in her 20s, Arora was the antithesis of the submissive 40 something Bhagwanti, mother to five adults in a lower middle class family. “I locked myself in a room for a few days to rehearse the lines. I stopped growing my nails, and started doing the dishes at home so that my hands looked rough for the part,” she recalls. Rajeshji (Lalloo) is still like my elder brother; I am crazy about this family,” says Chaturvedi. “It was the first show which broke linguistic barriers and took up various social issues,” he says. After Nanhe became famous, Chaturvedi says he was surrounded by fans, won several accolades and worked in many films including Saudagar. coque iphone Now, he runs a production company in Delhi Hermes Replica Bags.

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